YouTube Views Cap – What You Need to Know

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Seeing your video views go up can feel great, but it’s important to remember that there is a cap on how many times a video can be viewed. This is done to ensure that view counts are being inflated by actual people, and not bots. This is why you may sometimes see your video’s view count stall out for a few hours after it’s published, as YouTube filters through the legitimate and the not-so-legitimate views.

View Counts
The most popular videos on youtube have the highest number of views. This is a good indication that the video is engaging, and that viewers are interested in learning more about the content creator and what they do. Viewers also tend to be more likely to subscribe to a channel and share a video with their networks. This can lead to long-term engagement and can ultimately help a brand gain more subscribers and customers.

Can Repeat Views Count on YouTube?
A lot of users watch a video multiple times, and so YouTube allows for replays to be added to the overall total number of views. However, once a certain amount of repeat views are reached- some believe it is around 4 or 5 times- YouTube will stop counting these views.

You can get a better picture of your audience by using YouTube Analytics. This tool will allow you to view real-time activity and provide more detailed information about your viewers, such as the types of devices they use to access your videos, where they are from, and what type of content they are looking for. youtube views

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