YouTube Video Marketing Strategies Revealed

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In this article we are going to talk about some of the secret strategies of YouTube video marketing and how this kind of video marketing can help you rank much higher in YouTube. We are going to go over why people should do video marketing on YouTube, some of the strategies you should use on all your YouTube videos and look at some of the best tools to help your video marketing become a little easier.

OK so why should you start with YouTube video marketing? Well YouTube is the fourth most viewed site on the web, which means leverage. If your videos were to get five views a day per video, and you had ten videos on YouTube, you’re already looking at a lot of potential free traffic coming to your site on a daily basis.

A strategy I want to share with you is all about getting your video ranked higher. There are three things you need to do this, you need people to firstly view your YouTube Video, you then need them to comment on the video, and last of all you need them to rate it. Seems pretty simple, right? The best way to get these from your YouTube video marketing is to simply ask for them to do so, you may notice a lot of videos at the end as you to comment and rate the video. This has been proven to increase the amount of comments and ratings on each of your YouTube videos, even if they gave it a quick rating your video will be more likely to reach page one on YouTube.

Another strategy you should include in your YouTube video marketing is all about the video information to the right of your video and also the video title. These should both be UNIQUE and keyword rich. If the description is not very good and does not contain many of your selected keyword then it simply will not get very close to page one. The title should contain your keyword once but also sound interesting so it is likely to get clicked on.

The last strategy I want to share with you is to offer value in your videos. A lot of people think that pitching a product/service in a video is the way to go. But offering valuable content related to the product/service is the best method for your YouTube video marketing. Simply talk about a topic they would find interesting and then have links to your website, this has been proven to work more effectively than a sales pitch video. Plus from the last two strategies do you think someone will rate a sales pitch very high? Or are they more likely to rate some valuable content related to that product/service you are selling. buy positive youtube comments

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