YouTube Video Marketing, Easy and Effective With a Little Creativity

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YouTube, it’s one of the hottest Internet websites ever created. In fact, YouTube is the fourth most visited website globally on a daily basis. But what does YouTube have to do with video marketing?

The interactive nature of YouTube is why it has garnered such a high popularity among Internet users of all ages. The key to the success of YouTube is that not only can people upload videos of themselves, but they can leave comments on the videos of others. Additionally, a feature of the site is the ability to upload “response videos” to ones which were uploaded by others.

An example of how this type of upload-in-response phenomenon can catch on like wildfire can be seen in the two most popular YouTube crazes of all time, the infectious and fun “Numa Numa” song and the equally popular, if not disturbing, “Two Girls and A Cup”. These two items, less than five minutes each, spawned a frenzy of response videos so large, in both cases YouTube had to eventually step in and say “no more”.

So how can you use this type of immense popularity to increase the communications marketing efforts of your business? YouTube video marketing is easy and yet complicated at the same time. This is because YouTube video marketing has to be done in such a way that you are not appearing to directly market your business or product.

Customers do not go to YouTube to see commercials; YouTube will also block videos that are obviously attempts at selling something through commercials. It’s easy to create a video for YouTube; what’s hard is to create a video marketing piece for YouTube that hides the fact that you are marketing with video.

One of the best ways to get your video presentation on YouTube to become a highly effective video marketing piece is to produce either a video that is informative or one that is fun. Let’s look at a couple of examples:

Informative: You manufacture and sell shoe polish; for a video marketing piece, you can produce a video that teaches the best ways to get that military mirror shine on your shoes. Of course, throughout the video your brand of polish is being used and is mentioned as the choice of the instructor due to its being the best available for such an application.

Make sure that the logo of the can is always visible and reinforce the message by having the video include a man who is dressed in a military style outfit. This type of product placement is simple and the endorsement is second to the instruction so the marketing attempt is subdued.

Fun: You distribute novelty ties and underwear; to use YouTube for video marketing, you can produce a video that portrays a man dressed only in his underwear and neckties conducting a “man on the street” type of interview. The man mentions that he got the underwear from your website; he does so casually and off-handedly and only a couple of time during the video.

Make sure your best selling products are featured in the video and that the references are done naturally. Extend this video marketing ploy by making this character a recurring part of a regular series of such videos and you will build a loyal following to rival that of “Obama Girl”

As you can see, the incorporation of a video marketing message in a YouTube video is easily accomplished with a little creativity.

Internet video marketing can be the most effective when the strategy includes viral video marketing as a core element. The best way to get your video marketing piece to go viral is to get people talking about it after they see it.

This often means doing something in the video that is so unexpected or catchy to the memory that it will stay with people long after they have left the site. They will feel compelled to share it with their friends and then you have succeeded in using YouTube as an effective Internet video marketing tool. buy youtube likes

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