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If you’re one of the millions of people who play wordle today, you know it can be a lot of fun. The simple game challenges players with a new word each day, and they have six chances to guess it. If they get it right, it’s a great feeling. If they get it wrong, they’re left with the shame and angst of a thousand suns. Wordle has been a huge hit since creator Josh Wardle launched it in October 2021. It’s so popular that it’s spawned spinoff games like Dordle, Absurdle, Hello Wordl, Primel, Sweardle, Wheeldle, Taylordle and Queerdle, all of which try to replicate the original game’s surprising complexity masked in simplicity.

It can feel like Wordle is all luck, but there are a few good tips that help improve your chances of guessing the correct solution in six tries or less. For example, the best starting word is one that has a balanced mix of unique vowels and consonants. Similarly, it’s important to avoid repeating letters in your second guess. The game can be so frustrating when you’re stuck that it feels like someone is intentionally making you suffer.

If you’re still stumped, we can help. This page provides a complete archive of past wordle answers, sorted chronologically from the most recent to the oldest. You can also use our data-driven WordTips Difficulty Scale to find out how difficult the puzzle is. Whether you’re using it to keep your Wordle streak alive or simply as a way to challenge your brain, this page can be a lifesaver. wordle today

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