Why Choose Django?

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Django is a high-performing, remarkably secure, and exceedingly scalable Python framework with a clear investment in easing the development process for web developers. That’s why so many organizations around the world use it to build their products and services, including The Washington Post, Dropbox, and NASA.

Django was created by the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper to handle its rapid growth and meet short deadlines, but its capabilities aren’t limited to media companies. It is also a perfect choice for projects involving large amounts of data, such as ecommerce websites and travel or booking industry applications.

The Django software architecture follows the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern, which separates back-end and front-end structures for managing business logic and user interfaces respectively. This helps to reduce code duplication, which is common among web apps.

Additionally, django provides various tools to improve the development process. One of these is the django templating language, which enables developers to easily create dynamic HTML that displays data using a template. This saves time because developers don’t need to manually write the code for every single page they need to develop.

Another feature of django is that it allows you to easily serialize data as XML or JSON, which is useful when developing a web service (a website that serves up data for other apps or sites and doesn’t display anything itself). It can also be used to create a website where the server-side handles all rendering of data rather than the client-side.

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