Why Choose a Replacement Conservatory Roof

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A replacement conservatory roof is a fantastic way to bring your home up to date, whilst adding a significant amount of extra living space. Whether you have an old conservatory that needs to be upgraded, or you’re considering a new build extension, a solid tiled roof can give you the perfect solution.

A Solid Roof is a Completely New Look

A replacement roof will make your conservatory look more like a part of the house, instead of a separate structure. It will also improve the energy efficiency of your home, keeping warmth in and keeping your bills low.

It is also a great way to increase the visual appeal of your property, as it will help to enhance the exterior of your house and create a real wow factor for visitors!

With a wide selection of different styles, including the traditional Victorian, Edwardian, lean-to and gable conservatory roofs, you can find something to suit any style of property. If you’re looking for a more modern option, why not consider a glass or polycarbonate glazed conservatory?

The difference between an orangery and a conservatory

A glazed orangery is often seen on smaller homes, with pillars made from brick or super-insulated aluminium columns. They can be designed to include floor-to-ceiling glass and can have a flat or lantern roof. The main difference is that an orangery usually has a cosy and homely feel to it, as opposed to the more contemporary look of a conservatory.

An insulated roof makes it a more comfortable room all year round

A conservatory is a lovely addition to any home, and can be an excellent area to enjoy time with family and friends in the summer months. However, this is only possible if your conservatory roof is insulated and doesn’t let any heat out during the colder months!

If your existing conservatory is too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, it might be time for a new roof. A solid tiled roof will solve these issues and make your conservatory a true year-round room, with no more hot or cold spots!

There are many different types of insulating roofs available, with a range of materials to choose from. One of the most popular types is alumite. This lightweight material is incredibly durable and is the ideal choice for your conservatory roof, as it won’t deteriorate or delaminate from UV rays, ensuring you get the best performance from your roof for years to come!

Another option is to opt for a thermally efficient glass, which can provide excellent solar control for your conservatory. This is particularly useful if you’re installing a conservatory in a sunny location, as it can reduce the amount of heat that enters the roof and will prevent any cold air from escaping your room.

If you’re unsure what type of conservatory roof will be best for your home, or you need some guidance on the styles that are available, our team can guide you through the options. We’ll talk you through all of the features and benefits of each type of roof, before advising on which style is best for your property.

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