Whipped Soap UK

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Indulge your skin in a luxurious texture with this Whipped Soap UK. Often described as a cross between soap and shaving cream, whipped soap is a light, airy foam that gives you an extra clean without drying out your skin. This luscious, soft soap smells as indulgent as buttercream and will leave you feeling refreshed and revived after each use. A thumb sized amount will lather up in your hands to wash or can be used with a shower puff/sponge for an even thicker and more luxurious soap.

This whipped soap recipe uses Stephenson OPC Foaming Bath Butter, which has been scented using a combination of popular aromas and swirled to produce a gorgeously creamy soap. It is a great make for soap makers of all abilities as it is simple to make and requires no curing time. As with all of our soap recipes, please ensure you follow the appropriate safety steps and carry out a patch test before using, particularly when working with essential oils (see below).

Sweet, delicate scents of rose petals and jasmine are elegantly entwined in this soap to create a beautiful, frothy fragrance that will fill your bathroom with a heavenly floral aroma. Finished in classic candy cane red and green, it is the perfect festive soap for a little Christmas pampering! Whipped Soap UK

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