Where to Find Dental Equipment for Sale

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When a dental practice finds that they have extra equipment or technology, it may be time to sell it. Selling unused equipment is a great way to reclaim space in the office, while also avoiding paying for storage fees or having to purchase additional equipment.

Ayat Huseen is a purchasing manager who assists dental professionals with appraising, giving quotes and leading them through the process of reclaiming unused equipment. She also provides services to help dental practices with finding new homes for their unwanted assets, ensuring they receive top secondary market payouts.

The best dental equipment for sale is easily accessible on the internet, thanks to reputable suppliers who make it easy to shop and buy. Some examples include Scott’s Dental Supply, which offers a clean and intuitive website for ordering, as well as discounts and specials to encourage business. The company also caters to special markets, such as not-for-profit and group practices.

Another option is Henry Schein, which is a large medical and dental supplier with a worldwide presence. It specializes in larger equipment and technology services, but it does offer solutions for smaller offices as well. Its membership program gives customers savings and other benefits, including exclusive access to webinars and video content.

Another option for purchasing dental equipment is Darby Dental, which offers a wide selection of products and services. Its website is simple to navigate and offers helpful learning materials, such as articles, webinars and videos. The company also focuses on personalized service and adjusts its processes to meet the needs of each client.

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