What is the PGDL?

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If you want to become a solicitor, the PGDL is a law conversion course that provides the foundational knowledge you need to progress. It is an intensive programme, with an emphasis on reading and critical analysis of the law. Often, assessment is by a mix of coursework and exams. Some examples of coursework include essays, case studies and presentations, while assessments are usually written examinations.

Entry requirements vary from institution to institution, but you can expect to be required to have a minimum of a 2:2 degree or equivalent. This does not have to be in law. Many providers also offer part-time courses for those who cannot commit to studying full time.

The PGDL typically takes one year to complete, but the course content can be a lot of work. There will be a lot of reading, and you’ll need to be able to absorb information quickly. Most PGDL programmes are taught through a combination of lectures and tutorials, with the emphasis on understanding legal concepts rather than memorising points of law.

Some PGDL courses are available online, which might suit those who are unable to commit to studying full-time. However, this option can have its drawbacks, such as lack of relationship with peers and lecturers. You may also find it difficult to access course resources, and there could be delays in responding to any queries. It is worth discussing the options for online study with your preferred university to be sure it is right for you.

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