What Is Counselling?

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Counselling is a form of talk therapy, a way of helping people deal with their problems. It is not a quick fix and can take time to find solutions, but it can help people overcome their issues and live more fulfilling lives. It can be done on a one-to-one basis or with a group of people. Counsellors are trained to listen sympathetically and suggest ways of resolving or changing problematic behaviour. They can also help you understand the root causes of your feelings and behaviour.

When you first meet a counsellor, they will ask you to talk about the problem you are seeking treatment for and how it affects your life. They will also want to know what your goals are for treatment. They may ask you to role play certain situations or complete homework in between sessions. This can be particularly helpful for people dealing with relationship or family issues.

It is important to remember that a counsellor is not there to tell you what to do, but rather to guide and support you in finding solutions. They will be able to teach you techniques and skills that can help you cope with your situation, such as learning how to relax or change your negative thoughts.

Counsellors must have good communication skills, including listening attentively without interrupting and reading body language. They must also be empathetic as they will need to be aware of their client’s emotions and the impact their behaviour is having on others. https://aylesbury.trusted-coaching.co.uk/insomnia-and-disrupted-sleep/

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