What is a Call Answering Service?

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The ability to respond quickly and consistently to customer calls is vital for businesses of all sizes. Often, it’s difficult to handle a large volume of calls at peak times or during holidays, so choosing a call answering service that can scale up and down as needed is an ideal solution. Providing customers with a friendly and professional answer to their questions via phone, email or live chat can increase your client retention, improve the customer experience and strengthen your business’s professional image both locally and globally.

A call answering service is a type of virtual receptionist that takes your incoming calls, sends them to you or your chosen employee and can provide basic information such as your business hours. They can also take detailed messages, schedule appointments and assist with order fulfillment. A good answering service will have highly trained operators who can adapt their tone of voice to match your company’s brand and speak with industry terminology to sound more like an extension of your business.

There are many different types of answering services and each one caters to a specific kind of business need. For example, some are specifically suited to telemarketing, while others are tailored for small businesses with a high number of customer queries that require more detailed information. Most call answering services will offer a free trial period for you to assess their performance and if you’re happy, they will charge a monthly fee or per-minute rates. call answering service

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