Weighted Stuffed Animal

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Unlike regular stuffed animals, which tend to be soft and light, weighted stuffed animal pack a little extra heft. They may look like your favorite childhood teddy bear, but tip the scales at one to five pounds, which helps them provide a deep-pressure sensation that some people find soothing.

Similar to the popular weighted blankets, these special plushies can be used for anxiety, stress, insomnia, muscle pain relief, sleep enhancement, and more. They’ve also been shown to have positive effects on sensory processing disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism.

Kids love these stuffed animals, too. Their size allows them to hug the creature and feel its comforting, calming pressure. Some can be heated in the microwave, while others are infused with lavender to offer an added calming sense.

Adults, too, are using them in their daily routines. Some of the options on our list, like the teddy bear Warmie and the floppy-eared Moon Pals, can be worn around the neck to promote relaxation during a nap or bedtime routine. Others, like the Hugimals Charlie the Puppy and the Napper, are designed to be used on the back or chest during a night of rest.

There’s limited clinical guidance on how much a weighted stuffed animal should weigh, but we recommend choosing one that fits your needs. For kids, that might mean something weighing less than 5 pounds, as heavier options won’t be appropriate for them. For adults, we suggest going with an animal that’s light enough to be comfortable but sturdy and well-made to ensure safety. weighted stuffed animal

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