Water Soluble Film

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Water soluble film is a type of Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) that dissolves when it comes into contact with water. It is a highly versatile material, which makes it ideal for dissolvable packaging applications. It is also heat sealable, making it a good choice for packaging food items. PVA is non-toxic, biodegradable, and has excellent gas barrier properties.

The most common use for water soluble film is sanitary laundry bags that can be placed directly into the washing machine, eliminating the need to touch dirty clothing. These bags are popular in hospitals and extreme work environment industries to minimize the risk of contamination. In addition, water soluble film can be used for fishing bait by encasing a bag of fish in the film before placing it on the hook. Once it lands on the river bottom, the bag breaks down and leaves the bait surrounded by fish.

Agrochemicals are a category of chemicals that are widely used in agriculture to increase crop yield. Some agrochemicals are toxic and cause severe pollution and endanger to human beings when they are handled, inhaled, or ingested. Water soluble film is a great solution for containing these chemicals as it protects the user against harmful products by limiting or even eliminating their exposure.

The demand for water soluble film is increasing globally due to an increased focus on green procurement policies and a shift toward eco-friendly solutions. It also reduces packaging, transport and storage costs. For example, a unit-dose pouch of powdered detergent can contain both the detergent and grease cutter in one package – saving consumers money on buying multiple products and reducing the amount of packaging waste. water soluble film

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