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A good voiceover can make the difference between a stunning video production and a dull, mediocre one. Whether it’s an explainer video, a wildlife documentary, or a corporate narration, the right voice can make all the difference.

With a client list that reads like a who’s who of theatre and screen, Sue Terry Voices is an excellent choice for established performers. Their focus on credited actors means that new actors fresh from drama school might not be quite the right fit.

Sue Terry Voices

Sue Terry is a jazz saxophonist and voiceover artist. She has performed in several musicals and has narrated audio books and radio plays. She has also starred in various television shows and commercials. She is a well-known voiceover artist for children’s voices and animation. She is known for her natural, friendly, and bubbly voice. Her voice is versatile and can be easily adapted to different characters. She can speak with a variety of accents and is always up for new challenges.

The agency’s books read like a who’s who of the British theatre and screen, with names such as Rory Kinnear, Bill Paterson, Sheila Atim, Claire Foy, and Anne-Marie Duff all signed up to it. However, it’s also keen to recruit fresh talent and the latest additions include rapper A.Dot alongside rising star Rose Williams, Paapa Essiedu (press) and theatre-star Ria Zmitrowicz (Defending the Guilty – RSC).

The agency’s website allows clients to browse through the profiles of the voice artists. The search function is easy to use and users can choose a voice artist by language, age, style, and more. The site also includes a sample of the artists’ work. Moreover, the site is updated regularly with the most relevant information.


Qvoice is a voice-activated personal assistant that will soon be available for LG smartphones. It will be able to understand context and respond to the user’s requests in a natural manner. The device will also be able to recognize multiple languages. In addition, it will use artificial intelligence to deliver the most relevant results.

The Qvoice app allows users to customize the voice and language that they want the device to use. Users can select up to five voices to be used for different applications. The device will also display a list of recently used apps and offer recommendations based on recent searches. It will also allow users to set specific keywords to trigger certain actions.

One of the smallest voice agencies on this list, Qvoice offers a range of services and is constantly looking for new talent. Its roster of quietly brilliant clients includes several in-demand narrators and audio industry award winners. The agency also specialises in animation and automated dialogue replacement (ADR).

Another top UK voiceover agency, Harvey Voices boasts a client list that features both established actors and emerging stars. Its diverse roster of talents includes comedians, presenters, and character performers. Among its notable clients are Mercury award-winning rapper Speech Debelle, Chabuddy G creator Asim Chaudhry, and Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Jordan Brookes.

Founded by a certified rock star, this boutique agency is a good fit for established UK actors who have an impressive CV and a unique voice. Its client roster includes a range of voiceover artists who have worked on documentaries, luxury brands, and a variety of corporate projects. Its roster also includes actors who have starred in movies and television shows like The Last King of Scotland, Sherlock, and The Hunger Games.


Founded by an experienced voice actor, Hobsons represents a wide range of voices and has a reputation for offering a flexible friendly service. They have a recording studio and are known for their ability to match clients with the right talent. They can be contacted on 020 7500 1050 and are always happy to discuss voice over jobs with clients.

The company is based in London and has a number of highly respected artists on their books. This includes narrator Clare Corbett, who has narrated over 200 audio books and won multiple awards, as well as acclaimed actress Georgina Campbell, who stars in Black Mirror and is a frequent voice in commercials. They also represent the evocative narrator of award-winning video game Dear Esther, Nigel Carrington.

Although they are not as large as some of the larger UK voiceover agencies, they have a solid roster and offer excellent rates. They also have one of the best-equipped studios in the country and were the first agency to offer Dolby Atmos – an immersive sound format that enhances the experience of watching films and TV shows.

Caroline’s mellifluous tones are a regular on the airwaves, with radio, TV and cinema adverts for Mail on Sunday, Bathstore, Bodyform, Lynx, Kelloggs, Citroen, Sketchers and more. She’s also narrated several audio books and has been featured in countless commercials, comedy shows and podcasts. Despite her busy schedule, she always takes time to respond to emails and queries from new clients. Her vast portfolio of work is testament to her ability to find the perfect voice for any project. She is a favourite choice for branded content and has done voiceovers.uk for companies such as X-Box and ITV’s Back on the Job and Gumball rally docs.

Yakety Yak

The song Yakety Yak is a popular rock and roll hit, originally recorded by the Coasters in 1958. It is a catchy tune with a strong rhythm and an unforgettable melody. It has been covered by many artists, including Jan & Dean and Sha Na Na. Its lyrics are also interesting for children to read and learn. They can be found in the dictionary under action words that sound like animal names.

In the TV series based on the same name, Yakkity is a teenage yak who wants to be a comedian. His best friend is a kid with a pineapple head and lives next door to him. Yakkity and his friend often find themselves in trouble, and they are never able to save the day on their own. They also get into trouble at school, where they have a teacher who looks remarkably like a pineapple.

Each episode of Yakety Yak is about a silly problem that Yakkity and his friends have to deal with. The show isn’t quite ironic or funny, but it is a mild although mindless program. There is no violence or swearing, and it is a good program for preschoolers.

American Greetings has launched a line of greeting cards called Yakety Yaks, which turn everyday objects into real characters with music and animation. These googley-eyed cards are inspired by everything from garbage cans and coffee cups to cheeseburgers and cupcakes. They can be purchased in drug stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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