Voice Overs – What is a Voice Over and Why Should You Want to Be a Voice Over Actor?

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A voice over is a unique production technique whereby an actor records their own voice for a scripted piece of audio, often in a studio. It can be used to narrate, add information or provide character and personality to a piece of video or sound.

When people think of voice over they tend to picture a TV commercial, but there are many other uses for this kind of production. For example, educational videos, on hold or corporate videos often use this technique as a way to help explain the product or service that they are offering. Industrial narration also makes use of this type of production, as do eLearning and telecommunications.

For people who are thinking of becoming a voice over actor it can seem daunting at first. However, with the right training and practice it is a very rewarding and enjoyable career. Many people have a natural talent for this type of work, but like any skill it can be refined through time and effort.

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