Vintage Turkish Rugs

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With their timeless allure and storied cultural heritage, Turkish rugs are treasured worldwide for their beauty, craftsmanship, and artistic value. From oxidized tan to luscious pastels, Turkish rugs are an essential designer carpet staple for rustic spaces and palatial drawing rooms alike.

Historically, most Turkish rugs have been made with wool, but today’s designers also use silk, cotton, and jute in their creations. While a Turkish rug’s color palette may vary depending on the region it was woven in, most Turkish rugs are characterized by natural dyes derived from roots, vegetables, plants, and insects. The most iconic design elements of a Turkish rug are geometric motifs, floral motifs and medallion configurations, all of which embody Turkish culture and folklore.

While you can find a vintage Turkish rug at just about any online retailer, the best place to score one is from a brick and mortar seller. Emily’s three in-person go-tos for sourcing beautiful and affordable rugs include Craigslist (she scored her blue rug from Fig House here for $75), estate sales (she once got 3 rugs for $1,000 at a celebrity’s estate sale) and local flea markets.vintage turkish rugs

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