Unisex Armor Ring Oozes Charisma and Style Creating a Big Impact As a Full Finger Ring

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Are you somebody that loves all things quirky and unusual especially if it comes to wearing jewelry to make an impact? Have you seen or even heard of an armor ring? I have only recently discovered them myself and have been blown away by these fantastic pieces of unisex finger adornments.

I say unisex because; having looked at some of the different awesome styles and designs available I think that they will definitely appeal to both guys and gals in equal measures. Some seem to be very delicate looking and ornate whilst others, more robust and chunky looking. That said it would not matter either way they are visually stunning whoever wears one.

The predominant feature that characterises them and really makes them leap out at you has to be the fact that when worn, they can cover your entire finger and consist of two or three pieces of jointed metal fashioned into amazing designs, hence the name full finger rings.

Generally they are made from either pewter or sterling silver both of which are very durable and very comfortable to wear. Decoration aside, they are jointed in the same places as your knuckles and so you hardly know when you have one on.

Because of the amount of interest that they generate visually, you will never forget you are wearing one and I know from experience the wow factor that does seem to accompany them. They seem to have been a well kept secret with the Goth style of accessory up until recently but, with the likes of designer Vivienne Westwood having put her mark on some of her own unique designs they really are taking off as a must have piece of jewelry.

I am really not sure of the origins of these fantastic rings but with names such as medieval ring, knight ring and gothic ring also used to describe them too and looking at how some of them are crafted; I can only imagine that perhaps they really do have their roots steeped in times of old along with jousting knights. Perhaps they were worn as form of hand protection without having to wear heavy gauntlets when not fighting? Who knows?

Today, I think that an armor ring is just brilliant, they ooze charisma and really make you stand out in the crowd, no problem. Being so inexpensive I think it will be very easy to get yourself a bit of a collection going and why not? It is a pretty cool way to be able to express your personality in a very stylish individual kind of way. beer earrings

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