Top 5 Employee Communication Apps

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Employee communication apps are a great way to keep your team informed. They allow employees to communicate with each other, reducing back-and-forth emails. They also help to improve productivity and workplace culture.

Look for a solution that is intuitive and user-friendly. Choose one that allows employees to create custom groups and granular settings. It should also offer features like pinning messages for easy access.


Based in Germany, Staffbase provides a mobile-first employee communication app with a wide range of features and functionality. It helps communications teams build engagement and support their strategies. It also enables them to communicate with frontline employees across all channels, including the intranet.

Moreover, Staffbase supports a variety of digital workplace tools, including Microsoft Office 365 and the Google suite. Its team communication features include threaded conversations and @mentions, as well as a smart search function that ensures efficient information retrieval. The platform also helps companies create and share content in the form of slides, documents, and videos.

Users report that the system can be difficult to use, and some find it hard to get non-desk workers to download it. They also complain that the software is expensive and doesn’t offer enough flexibility or customization options. Nevertheless, the company has a strong customer service team. Staffbase offers a free trial for potential customers. It also has a number of different pricing tiers.


In addition to a chat feature, Beekeeper allows employees to post photos and videos with text or voice comments. They can also share posts with specific teams or locations. It also connects with a company’s existing operational systems like WFM or task management. Employees can submit digital forms or documents directly within the app to upgrade paper-based processes. The software can be integrated with a company’s CRM system or Active Directory to synchronize user data and improve security.

It is designed to help distributed non-desk employees feel as if they are working right next to each other. It offers features and functionality that include unified team communication, shift bidding, compliance training, task management, and more. Unlike other workplace communication apps, Beekeeper uses enterprise-grade security to protect sensitive information and ensure GDPR compliance. The software is available in 30 languages and can be used in a variety of operating environments. Moreover, it is easy to customize the user experience and integrate with existing systems.


Slack is a team messaging app that offers centralized spaces for communication. It also integrates with industry-leading apps to automate workflows. Its features include channels, built-in file sharing, and voice/video conferencing. It is available on most desktop and mobile devices.

You can also star a message, file, snippet, or post to make it easier to find later. You can access your starred items by clicking on the stars in the left sidebar. You can also use emoji reactions, add gifs, see RSS feeds, set reminders, and get add-in notifications.

Slack has a feature called Huddles, which lets you hold voice or video calls with your team members. Within Huddles, you can mute or unmute yourself and share your screen with teammates. You can also make notes on a shared whiteboard. Huddles are available on Slack’s free and paid tiers. You can also record and share a Loom video from inside Slack. You can use this feature to share information with your team, and it is an excellent tool for project managers.

Microsoft Teams

With its chat and collaboration features, Microsoft Teams is a strong competitor to Slack. It comes with a host of tools, including team meetings and video calling, that allow employees to work remotely. In addition, it offers a mobile app and a wide range of integrations. It is also fully integrated with other Microsoft applications, making it a complete communication and collaboration tool.

Easily change call queue and auto attendant greetings, business hours, on-hold music, and more without leaving Teams. Additionally, you can now choose from a variety of video effects to personalize your meetings, such as animated frames and color hues.

Additionally, Microsoft has updated its emoji selection to include more options, and you can now easily delete any old chat conversations without impacting others. Finally, Teams has improved the ability to see a colleague’s local time by hovering over their profile picture or by looking at their contact info. It also has a new feature that lets you automatically lower your hand in a meeting to signal that you’re done sharing.

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