The Value Of Color In Your Salon Equipment And Design

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There is more to color than just making elements inside your beauty parlor look trendy and attractive. Colors can trigger different emotions and reactions from your clients. It is therefore important to pick the right ones for your salon equipment and interior design to elicit favorable responses from clients and to make them fall in love with your store. Here are a few guidelines:

Tweaking their Moods
• For a relaxing, calm, and peaceful ambiance, choose light shades and pastels. Areas for massage and therapeutic hair therapies could make use of beds and chairs in creamy yellow, bluish-pink, pistachio green, sage, beige, or lavender.
• If you want your space to be hip, fun, and upbeat, vibrant options such as bright orange, red, purple, and neon styles are appropriate. Be careful, though, because these are also culprits in eliciting aggressive behavioral responses. It would be better to use these palette schemes on furniture and fixtures as accents rather than on entire surface areas of walls.

Mix and Match
• Different sections in a beauty parlor have their own unique functions. Make use of different shade variations depending on an area’s specific function.
• Waiting areas are the spots where most customers get irritable because not all people are gifted with patience. To keep them calm while waiting for their turn, try powder blue or nude purple.
• In the trimming area, you would like your customers to feel more engaged, excited, and energetic. Fuchsia or dark aqua are examples.
• For manicure and pedicure stations, mint green shades help your clients unwind.

Adding Contrast
• Create contrast between your over-all space, fixtures, and equipment. Make your choices of paint match the devices you purchase and your salon furniture.
• Play with the colors in materials such as wood, plastic, glass, steel, and textiles.
• Lighter wall paint goes well with wooden accents.
• Vibrant hues are compatible with metal and glass.

Create the Best Illusion
• Use lighter varieties of blue and green to make a small area seem bigger. Darker ones make an area more compact.
• Adding more light and mirrors widen an area and create an inviting appeal.
• Make sure that all colors you use are in harmony with each other.

Aesthetics matter in salons because the business is all about making people look more beautiful. You can never expect a person to trust you in putting makeup on their faces or dyeing their hair if your salon looks visually chaotic when it comes to your coloring choices. The hues in your salon furniture, interior finishing, and equipment all take part in winning clients’ hearts. Appareil esthétique professionnel

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