The Rise of the Stitch Store

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The Stitch store is a retail space that combines high tech with high touch into an experience that is transforming shopping. It’s the kind of business that was born out of a need for people to find and buy clothing that meets their personal style, needs and goals without having to take lengthy shopping trips or return dozens of items. And it’s one that is proving to be a game changer for fashion brands, retailers and the way we all shop for clothing.

Stitch started in 2011 as a start-up founded by Katrina Lake, then a Harvard Business School student. Her vision was to create a personal style service that could match the fit of women’s bodies with their clothing preferences. The company now has 2,000 stylists working on a million clients, and it now offers men’s clothes as well as sizes and styles including plus and maternity.

A big part of that success is the fact that the stylists are empowered to make the decisions they feel best serve their clients. And that empowers them to be much more honest about what they don’t like, which helps build a trusting relationship between customer and stylist. Then when a customer returns an item, the stylist can tell them more about why they may not have liked it and offer alternatives.

This information is incredibly valuable for the companies that sell through Stitch, as it allows them to fine-tune their products based on invaluable feedback and market research. For example, when Threads 4 Thought tweaked the size of a button on a shirt based on customer feedback, the company saw a significant increase in sales both through Stitch and across other channels. the Stitch store

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