The Pine Tree Hill Hiking Trail

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Pine Tree Hill is a high-rise condominium located in Singapore, and the developer is known for their premium living experience. It features 1 to 4-bedroom apartments and penthouses, as well as a variety of amenities. These include a swimming pool, fitness center, security services, and more. The location is ideal for families, and there are plenty of shopping and dining options nearby.

The Pine Tree Hill Trail is the longest and most challenging of all trails in Fraser’s Hill. It’s a 4 hour hike of undulating, calf straining high mountain forest trails and when you get to the top there is a killer view of Titiwangsa range from 4000 ft high. This is a must-do for those with the stamina for it.

During the British era the trail was built to gain access to a mountain peak that commanded a majestic view of Fraser’s Hill and the surrounding summits. The name came from the 5 old stag-headed endemic conifers (Dacrydium comosum) that still remain at the peak of the hill. The trail reaches its end at the summit of the hill where there is a beautiful view of a dense forest of landscape and mountains on clear days.

The rocky mountain path gets steeper as you climb up towards the peak of the mountain. It’s recommended that you wear sturdy shoes and bring 2-3 litres of water, as there is no guarantee you will reach the top without dehydration. It’s also a good idea to carry trekking poles for added stability and to help reduce stress on your knees and lower back.

You can find the Pine Tree Hill Trail at the end of High Pines Road, which is right after the Telekom Malaysia guest house. There is a large entrance gate with the words Pine Tree Trail written on top of it. Once you are at the beginning of the trail, you will have great views of the mountains on the way up. It’s not too far to the first landmark, which is a water source about an hour into the hike. The water is fresh but the sign suggest it is not suitable for drinking due to leptospirosis contamination – a deadly disease that can be spread from rats that live in the area.

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