The Industrial Dehydrator

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The industrial dehydrator is a new equipment that can be used worldwide for drying any agricultural product in regions where climatic conditions prevent the moisture removal to a safe level for storage. It is designed to provide the necessary conditions for the drying process to be completed successfully, preserving all its nutritional properties. It consists of an electrical system that controls the dehydration process based on a set temperature. In addition, it is capable of monitoring the progress of the dehydration process and providing the user with valuable information for acting on the system at any time.

The device can be controlled remotely via a tablet or mobile phone, making it user-friendly and allowing users to monitor the dehydration process from anywhere they are. The frontend web interface provides the users with access to the programmable logic controller’s (PLC) HMI display, enabling them to monitor the operating parameters of the machine, download historical operation data and create an operation profile in order to control the dehydration process.

The design also incorporates a programmable auxiliary fan and an air conditioner that allows the use of the dehydrator for different types of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and meats. The machine is built from stainless steel to comply with food safety standards. Its capacity is 250kg/h, suitable for large catering enterprises’ demand for vegetable and salad dehydration. Its body is made from SUS304 stainless steel, which gives it a delicate appearance. The industrial dehydrator is easy to maintain and clean, requiring only a regular wash with warm water and non-abrasive sponges. It is essential to clean all the removable parts of the dehydrator with a non-toxic, mild dishwashing detergent and allowing it to dry completely before reassembling or storing it. industrial dehydrator

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