The Importance of Cyber Security

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Cyber Security is a field that involves safeguarding computers, networks and software against malware, viruses, phishing, worms, unauthorized access, denial of service attacks, eavesdropping and a range of other threats. It is a vital part of business and government information systems. It protects sensitive data, including intellectual property, protected health information (PHI), personal information and government and business data. Without it, the Internet would be virtually unusable.

Cyber security is a vast field that encompasses many different career paths and specialties. The field requires constant monitoring to detect new threats in real time. For this reason, a good cybersecurity strategy will require specialized hardware and software. Unfortunately, this also means that systems can become sluggish over time, since security applications take up lots of resources.

The motivations for breaches of cyber security vary widely, from thrill-seekers and vandals to organized crime and foreign governments. Attackers are often anonymous and use proxies, temporary anonymized dial-up accounts, wireless connections or other procedures to hide their location and make it difficult for law enforcement to trace them. Some attacks are distributed denial of service attacks, in which multiple devices flood a system with messages, connection requests or packets to disrupt its operations. Others are long-term, targeted attacks, sometimes called advanced persistent threats, in which attackers infiltrate a system and remain undetected for extended periods of time to steal sensitive information.

A robust cybersecurity system can help organizations protect themselves against cyber attacks, which is important in the digital age where information is more valuable than ever before. In addition, a well-designed cybersecurity mechanism can protect against malpractices by employees and boost the trust of stakeholders and investors. SOCaaS

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