The Benefits of the Cannonball Squat

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The cannonball squat is a variation of the squat that requires you to stand with your feet very close together, almost touching. This narrow stance alters the movement and targets different muscles in the legs.

The main muscle targeted by this exercise is the quadriceps but it also hits the hips, glutes and hamstrings. It’s more challenging to perform than a standard squat because it’s harder to keep the bar balanced as you descend into the squat and you have to use your core to maintain balance. This is especially difficult if you’re using heavy weights.

In addition to building strength and endurance, cannonball squats are also great for improving balance and coordination. This is because you’re training your body to move in a way that’s more similar to the natural movements of sitting down and standing up. It’s important to note that these benefits are not guaranteed, however. It all depends on your workout routine, diet, and other leg exercises that you include in your routine.

If you decide to add cannonball squats to your training plan, be sure to start with a dynamic warm-up that includes movements like plyometric exercises and bodyweight squats. Once you’ve warmed up and your muscles are ready to go, perform a few sets of reps with the cannonball squat as part of a leg workout. You may need to add a little extra weight over time as you get used to the movement but don’t go too high, otherwise you’ll risk injuring yourself.

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