The Basics of Cyber Security

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Cyber security is the protection of systems, devices, networks and data from unauthorized access or criminal use. It seems that every facet of our lives relies on computers and the Internet now – communication (email, smartphones, tablets), entertainment (interactive video games, social media, apps), transportation, shopping, credit cards and more.

The risks are real and can be catastrophic for an organization. Attacks can cause monetary losses, damage the company’s reputation and result in legal liabilities. The impact can even extend beyond the digital world, as was the case with the Equifax hack that impacted 145 million Americans.

There are many ways to prevent a cyber attack. Backups, for instance, allow a company to restore its data in the event of a cyber incident. Encryption helps keep sensitive information unreadable to snoopers, while antivirus/anti-malware solutions scan computer systems for known threats. Other preventive measures include instituting a zero trust framework where all attempts to access the network are examined and verified, and threat hunting, which uses automation, intelligence tools and advanced analysis to identify suspicious activity.

Cybersecurity professionals get to work on problems that are challenging, exciting and have a direct impact on people’s daily lives. For the right person, it is an extremely rewarding career. But be forewarned – the basics of cybersecurity are a lot different than what you might expect based on movies and other popular culture. It takes a specific skill set and training to get started in this field. SOCaaS

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