Some tips for cleaning a refrigerator

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There are specific products which are ideal for cleaning each one of the different parts and areas of the fridge in such a way that at the end it will look brand new clean.

To start with, and for safety reasons, you should turn the refrigerator off and if possible also unplug it. Then you should take all the food out making sure it is empty and remove all the removable interior parts of the fridge, making it as empty and easy to clean as possible.

Do not wash the removable parts of the fridge with hot water, especially if they are made of glass, since they might crack. Wash these pieces with dishwashing liquid, and if you can’t clean them easily, keep them in water with soap for about an hour. After they are clean, let them dry while you clean the interior of the fridge.

Once the refrigerator is empty, you should place a bowl with vinegar in it for five minutes; this will help you removing hardened spills easily. Then, one you have taken the vinegar out of the refrigerator, use dishwashing liquid dissolved in warm water to clean it, starting from the top and going down.

Before placing the removable parts and food back in the fridge, make sure there isn’t any soap left in it by rinsing it thoroughly and then drying it with a clean towel. Once you finish cleaning the interior, you should clean the outside as well. Make sure of using a non abrasive solution for this area since, if it is painted, it might become easily scratched.

When cleaning the exterior of the fridge, and always while it is still unplugged, you should also remember the area behind it. You should clean behind the refrigerator with a vacuum cleaner, making sure that area is as clear as possible. Once you finish cleaning all, your fridge should smell fresh and look brand new shiny. norcold rv refrigerators

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