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Shop norcold parts online from the best brands at affordable prices. Get your refrigerator running again in no time with our wide selection of norcold fridge components.

Food preservation is one of the most challenging things about traveling with a RV. Having an ice chest means dealing with messy clumps of ice that melt and fling water everywhere, and getting a constant supply of ice can be a challenge in some areas. With a norcold refrigerator in your travel trailer, you can have peace of mind knowing that the foods you enjoy most will stay fresh and cold until it is ready to be cooked or eaten.

The Norcold brand of RV refrigerators are built with a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your needs and the size of your family. They often feature adjustable shelves for various item sizes, door bins for additional storage, and intuitive control panels to make adjusting your temperature settings a breeze.

I have had my Norcold Refrigerator for about 6 months. It has already had to have the cooling unit replaced twice. The first time it was just a blown fuse and the second was the cooling unit itself. Safari, who owns the unit said they would only honor the warranty if Norcold could send them the cooling units so they could replace them themselves! Norcold refused and stated it may have been caused from a power outage. The refrigerator smells like a dead body is in it. I will never buy another trailer that has a norcold Refrigerator in it! norcold parts online

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