Selling Skills

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Selling skills are a broad set of abilities that enable salespeople to successfully navigate and sell products or services to customers. These skills include knowledge of the customer and market, product knowledge, and communication skills. While these skills vary by role, industry, and buyers, every salesperson needs to master a variety of them.

Research in the field reveals that sellers’ sales-related knowledge, including product and customer, leads to higher sales performance (Ahearne and Schillewaert 2000; Ahmad, Sah, and Kitchen 2010). Product knowledge includes both technical information and knowledge of the specifications, applications, and technology of the product, as well as its advantages, benefits, and functionality. It also helps sales associates overcome objections more effectively, instill greater confidence in customers, and engage in cross-selling more easily (Punwatkar and Varghese 2014).

Customer knowledge includes the ability to understand a customer’s problems and needs, as well as how those needs can be met by the company’s goods or services. In addition to enabling salespeople to identify and communicate their product’s value to potential customers, this skill allows them to provide personalized recommendations. For example, a salesperson with strong customer knowledge may be able to show how energy-efficient heaters and air conditioners can pay for themselves through electricity and gas savings over time.

Having strong communication skills is essential to any successful salesperson, no matter the role, industry, or buyer. These skills can be used over the phone, via video conference, or in person to build a relationship with the customer and explain the benefits of a product or service. skills selling

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