Sea Doo Jetski Upgrades

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The sun beats down relentlessly on many summer days and while it may be easy to cover up with a hat and sunglasses, the back of your hands and neck can get fried, as well as the top of your arms, legs and feet. The good news is that the folks at Sea-Doo know what you’re up against, and they have a plan.

The company’s new platform Sea Doo GTX has a deeper foot well and narrower, more ergonomically designed Ergolock seat, which makes it easier to use leg muscles for manoeuvring. It’s an important change because the more you use your legs, the less numbness you experience after a long day of riding.

What’s more, the wide hull combines Sea-Doo’s previous S3 and T3 bottom designs for excellent handling in rough water conditions and great stability at low speeds. The Rotax 1630 ACE is Sea-Doo’s most powerful stock engine and when you straddle the scientifically designed Ergolock seat, the ski feels like a pocket dynamo.

Recreational models are a step up in stability and storage from the industry-leading entry-level Spark. They have a good balance of performance and plenty of bundled gear including the iBR brake, VTS variable trim system, touring seat and Eco mode.

The Explorer Pro has a massive cargo area that can accommodate two riders, a cooler and enough gear for an overnight expedition. This roomy platform also has a new front storage bin kit that flows with the design and a rear locker big enough for sleeping bags. In addition, the reboarding ladder has been made wider and lower for more comfort and ease of getting on and off. seadoo jetski

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