Rockwell Hardness Tester For Sale

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A rockwell hardness tester for sale is a vital tool for a wide range of industrial applications. These innovative instruments measure the stiffness of metal and other materials, based on the force needed to make an indentation in the material. They’re used in manufacturing, engineering, machining and a variety of other fields. We’ve curated an expansive catalog of high-quality portable hardness testers that can test the hardness of small precision parts, large industrial pieces and more. Whether you need a portable hardness tester for your heat treat shop or you’re looking for a full-scale floor-mounted Rockwell hardness tester for your factory, we have a solution to suit your needs.

Rockwell Hardness Testers

A common hardness testing method, the Rockwell test uses a diamond cone or steel ball to make an indentation in the metal sample and measures the depth of the impression it leaves behind. The hardness of the material can then be determined from the number of the corresponding Rockwell scale. This method is particularly useful for measuring the hardness of metals and other solid materials, such as plastics.

Our selection of Rockwell hardness testers includes a variety of different models that are designed for testing specific types of metal alloys. We also carry a variety of standard models that can be used for testing all types of metals and other materials, including soft alloys. Our hardness testers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate both large and small samples, and can be operated with the simple press of a button.

If you’re looking for a portable hardness tester that can perform tests that easily convert to the most popular hardness scales, our PHT-1900 is a great choice. This digital, state-of-the-art portable hardness tester can test for Rockwell regular and superficial hardness, Brinell and Vickers, and more, all with a clean crisp display. Its auto-probe detection and direction detector, single and multi-point calibration, and more make it a must-have for any shop.

Wilson was founded as the Wilson Mechanical Instrument Company by Stanley Rockwell in 1916 and became known for its line of Rockwell hardness testers. Today, it’s still a leading manufacturer of hardness testers and has branched out into other industries. Wilson has a long history of pioneering micro-indentation testing techniques such as Knoop and Vickers, making it a leader in both macro and micro-hardness testing. Its legacy has been continued with innovations like DiaMet software that improve usability and automation.

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