Pulse 87’s Troi Torain Is Not Afraid to Stand Up For His Beliefs

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Whether he’s ranting against the rap legend Afrika Bambaataa over allegations of child abuse, or mocking his new co-host on the radio show Everyday Struggle, Troi Torain is not afraid to stand up for his beliefs. The controversial former morning host of WQHT and WWPR in New York City has found a new home at the upstart radio station Pulse 87, where he and co-host Buc Wild are expected to debut this Monday. Star avoids rehashing the drama with the exit of his former employer, Complex News, and instead says he merely requested a release from his contract.

The move to a smaller format frees Star to do what he does best: talk about hip hop. There are very few artists he doesn’t cover on the show. From berating Joe Budden for his social media blunders to praising Beyonce by saying she should replace Aunt Jemima on the pancake mix box, there’s no topic too big or too small for Star to discuss.

Star and his crew of “regulars” like Craig, who has cerebral palsy, and Houston, a rapper from, well, Houston, take shots at each other as they discuss the latest rap battles, but the conversation often turns to real life. With topics ranging from racial injustices to domestic violence, the show is as relatable as it is entertaining.

While the show doesn’t shy away from serious issues, it also doesn’t get too preachy. The shrewd humor and wry insights make the show stand out, but it’s the show’s willingness to discuss controversial topics that has made Star one of the most influential personalities in urban media.

Star’s refusal to be censored has even led him to create his own publishing company, Objective Hate, to showcase his unique brand of commentary. The book, designed to look like an Ayn Rand manifesto, covers everything from Star’s childhood growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey to his legendary run in hip-hop radio. It also dives into the philosophical discussion of existentialism, and while some of the philosophy is retard (in the literal sense, not in the offensive way), it doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the book.

With the recent announcement of his new show on Pulse 87, there isn’t much left to do for Star except sit back and watch his career blossom. While it may be too soon to tell how the new morning show will go, Star is confident he’ll continue to succeed. And if his past track record is any indication, the public will be right there with him. star troi torain

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