Portuguese Wine – Why it is One of the Best

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Portuguese wine

Wine is a very delicate thing which people from all over the world, and especially Europe, taste to their satisfaction. Besides being a common drink, it has been proven to contain many health benefits. The Portuguese have a long history of wine and have known to export it to the Roman empire when parts of Portugal were under the Roman empire. The very name Lusitania, as Portugal was referred to in the old days, comes from the word Lusa, the son of the Roman god of wine. This proves how good Portuguese wine was and how famous it was across the empires of the European continent, most notably the Iberian region.

Vineyards across Portugal differ in their climatic conditions, the soil types and therefore the grape varieties. This lends a different taste to the wine from every part. There is for instance the most famous Porto Portuguese wine which is the most famous and most popular of all the varieties made in this country. There are also other varieties like Alentejo, Douro and Dao. The different varieties are called casta and this is what lends the different taste to each of the different wines. Portugal is also known for its advanced methods coupled with homely processes which lend a distinct regal quality to the wines. This method of wine production has been existent in the region since time immemorial. It is also said that the whole concept of nomenclature of wines and thus the appellation began first in Portugal in order to avoid mixing of different quality wines. wine tours Willamette Valley

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