Physical Therapy Licensure in Ohio

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The state of Ohio defines physical therapy as “the evaluation and treatment, with or without assistive devices, using physical measures and therapeutic exercises, for the purpose of preventing, correcting, alleviating, or improving physical impairments, functional limitations, or physical disabilities.” Licensed physical therapists in Ohio are required to earn a doctorate from an accredited physical therapy school and obtain licensure through the Ohio Board of Physical Therapy. A license must be renewed every two years.

The PT license renewal process in Ohio can be completed through the state’s online eLicense portal, which can be found here. PTs in the state must also complete 24 continuing education units (CEUs) to keep their license active, and must take an Ohio ethics course and retake the JAM module each licensing cycle.

Some Ohio residents are able to receive physical therapy through their health insurance, while others need help paying for it. The good news is that a physical therapist can provide a personalized care plan for each patient, and in many cases, the cost of treatment can be covered by workers’ compensation benefits.

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