One Bernam Condominium

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A new condominium located within the Anson precinct, one bernam is close to all kinds of urban conveniences and lifestyle offerings. The new mixed development is a short walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and the upcoming Prince Edward Road MRT Station. It is also well-connected by major roads such as Bernam Street, Keppel Road and Anson Road.

The name bernam is derived from an Old English word, burna or stream, and ham or homestead. The first settlers of this surname hailed from any of the places named Burnham in Buckinghamshire, Essex, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk in England. The early inhabitants of this surname have been known as Saxons and Anglo-Saxons, and they later settled in America.

During the demolition works of Fuji Xerox Towers on Bernam Street off Anson Road, a reinforced concrete wall collapsed Thursday afternoon and killed a worker. BCA and MOM have ordered the work to halt.

Bernam Street is a one-way street starting at its junction with Tanjong Pagar Road and ending at its junction with Anson Road. Its name was inspired by a folklore where six friends were prevented from crossing a river by a piece of timber that had to be used to build their camp. The group then decided to cook using the makeshift kitchen they had, and that was how the street got its name. People with the name Bernam enjoy challenges and rivalry, and are realistic and visionary planners. They are great trailblazers and will not rest until they have achieved a certain degree of success in their endeavours. They are extremely devoted to family and friends, giving up their own personal desires to help others out. They have a natural sense of warmth and appear friendly to those around them.

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