Michael Kors Bags Sales Strategy – Can the Brand Overcome This Image Issue?

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The name Michael Kors evokes all-American luxury and sleek sophistication. After garnering experience at French luxury house Celine, the designer launched his namesake brand in 1981, melding jet-set aesthetics with refined glamour to create a line of bags, shoes and ready-to-wear. With its signature American sportswear influence and a sophisticated yet timeless aesthetic, the label became a go-to for celebrities who value high-quality fashion at an accessible price point.

With a variety of purses to suit every occasion, it’s no wonder that the brand has become such a hit. But despite its popularity, it’s not without controversy. In recent times, Michael Kors has been subject to online criticisms and trolling. But why? And can the brand overcome this image issue?

Part of the problem is that Kors has become so overexposed. The brand’s products can be found everywhere from discount department stores to mall outlets and even resale websites. This has diluted the brand’s image and also caused its price points to fluctuate. When discount-outlet MMK purses are available at the same time as the higher-end ones, they can affect one another’s perceptions (lower-priced MMK bags make the higher-priced ones look cheap) and cannibalize each other’s revenues.

But if Kors can limit its distribution strategy and move back to a more selective approach, the brand may be able to regain some of its former prestige. It’s worth mentioning that other brands have struggled with similar issues in the past (including Coach, Tory Burch and Kate Spade). But perhaps it’s unfair to judge these companies’ reputations solely on their sales strategies, as there are more factors at play here.

Thankfully, Michael Kors is taking steps to address this problem. The brand is limiting its product placement and distribution in order to improve its brand image, and it’s also cutting back on discounts and promotions to avoid becoming too promotional-driven. The brand is also rethinking its marketing, opting for more strategic social media campaigns that focus on building relationships with its customers rather than just pushing its products.

And while trolls will continue to be around (it’s the internet, after all), it appears that Kors has taken a page out of other luxury brands’ books by focusing on its relationship with its fans and customers. With a little help from its loyal customer base, the company can restore its image as a top-notch designer brand and continue to appeal to consumers across the globe. And with the Michael Kors summer sale, there’s no better time to shop this coveted designer brand. michael kors bags sales

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