Men’s Bamboo Boxershorts

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When it comes to men’s underwear, there’s no doubt that comfort is key. And that’s especially true when it comes to the everyday boxershorts men wear. Whether it’s a day at the office or a round of golf, you want your underwear to feel like it’s hugging your body and doing its job without making you sweat. That’s where bamboo underwear comes in. Not only is it super soft and breathable but it also helps to regulate body temperature and fight odors.

The best bamboo boxershorts are made with silky-smooth viscose from bamboo. The material is much softer and smoother than cotton and feels like a blend of cashmere and silk against your skin. The fabric is also a bit more stretchy than cotton and it doesn’t get that annoying baggy look after wearing it for awhile. Additionally, unlike polyester, bamboo absorbs moisture, wicking it away from the body so you stay cool and dry for longer.

These men’s bamboo boxer briefs from Youlehe are the perfect addition to any man’s underwear drawer. They’re buttery-soft, incredibly comfortable and have plenty of room for the boys (without a gimmicky pouch). Plus, they don’t ride up like other boxer briefs do.

They’re also made with environmentally friendly bamboo and are certified FSC, meaning they’re sourced from responsibly managed forests and have the BSCI quality mark that guarantees the proper control of working conditions in their manufacturing.

Boody Eco Wear makes these ultra-comfy, cooling bamboo boxershorts that feature a smart ribbed design and a softer, cooler material than your standard CK underwear. They’re also incredibly affordable when you compare them to other men’s bamboo underwear brands.

b.Wear makes these incredibly soft, breathable bamboo boxershorts that not only provide the comfort you’re looking for in an underwear style but they’re also eco-friendly. Made with bamboo jersey and a hint of spandex for extra stretch, they’re the ultimate in soft relaxing comfort. Bamboo jersey is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet and provides antibacterial properties that help to fight odors. men’s bamboo boxershorts

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