Medical Beauty – Beyond Facials and Waxing

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Medical Beauty is a type of cosmetic treatment that goes above and beyond the facials, light therapies, and waxing treatments offered by salons and spas. It includes services like laser hair removal, botulinum toxin injections, and body sculpting to improve both skin health and aesthetic appearance. These treatments are often offered at medical spas, specialty physician offices, and dermatology clinics.

Although many of the treatments offered by medical beauty professionals are simple, they can be highly technical and require extensive training and knowledge to perform safely and effectively. They also must be able to identify the proper patient candidates for each procedure. For example, a medical esthetician might use lasers to treat wrinkles, but she or he must be familiar with the anatomy of each patient’s skin so that the results are effective and consistent.

Aestheticians also play an important role in helping patients adjust to their physical changes during illness or injury. They may help burn victims cope with their delicate skin, assist people on chemotherapy find acceptable wigs, and work with persons who have face and other body disfigurements to select the right prosthetics.

The medical beauty industry has a strong role to play in destigmatizing these procedures and making them another part of the healthcare continuum. It can be a useful tool for younger demographics who are seeking to emulate beauty trends they see on social media, but it must be used responsibly and with a focus on patient wellbeing.

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