MBA Programs Offer Career Flexibility

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When considering an MBA, it is important to know the degree can offer career flexibility, whether you choose finance, marketing, consulting or entrepreneurship. The degree teaches students to think critically, analyze problems and solve complex business issues in a variety of industries.

Some students seek an MBA to make a dramatic change in their careers, stepping away from their functional expertise-say, engineering-to a more broad-based organizational leader role. Other students use the program to accelerate their growth within their current industry. An MBA also gives students a global perspective of the business world and provides them with a network that lasts long after graduation.

While many programs require applicants to have significant work experience, some are designed for recent college graduates. MBA admissions committees look for career progression, meaning that the student has steadily taken on more responsibility over time. They are also interested in learning more about the applicant’s motivation and long-term goals for an MBA, as well as how they will contribute to their current employer, past employers or college campus community upon graduating.

Something people often overlook is that an MBA is two years of meeting new friends from all over the world. Most MBA programs frontload required curriculum into the first year, and you’ll likely take courses with the same group of classmates throughout your program, known as your “section.” By spending a lot of time together in class, collaborating on team projects and networking at events, you’ll get to know your section mates very well. mba

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