M&A Courses

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Whether you’re an experienced business leader, or are considering a career in M&A, these courses will help you develop the relevant skills. They include modules on strategy, financing, valuation, due diligence, post-merger integration and more. They are based on real M&A transactions and taught by experienced practitioners, so they will give you the practical knowledge and skills that you need to succeed.

M&A is a special and specialized field with its own terminology, jargon and structures. It requires a distinct set of skills that are different from finance, accounting and even law. While it’s possible to learn these skills through general courses, you should look for M&A-specific training to maximize your effectiveness.

This course is a hands-on, interactive experience designed to prepare you for the M&A process from start to finish. It is delivered by M&A experts and hospitality veterans and combines a mix of lectures, case studies, small group projects and simulated acquisitions. The content focuses on the drivers of M&A success, financial analysis and valuation (including NPV and Discounted Cash Flow modelling), due diligence and negotiation, structuring winning deals and post-merger integration best practices.

This M&A course is delivered by one of Europe’s leading MBA schools and has an emphasis on strategic M&A as well as the financial aspects. It covers everything from the value creation process to negotiating M&As, with modules on deal types and strategies, valuation and pricing, synergies and even M&A tax considerations. You can take the whole program or just select the modules that are relevant to you. m&a course

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