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Lawyer Hattingen is a full-service law firm serving local, regional and global clients. Our lawyers and teams work closely together to provide world-class legal advice. Clients benefit from our depth of expertise in all areas of business law and from the strength of our industry-leading network.

Ute Schniering is one of the best divorce attorneys in Essen and accompanies you through your family law problems. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive divorce, the expulsion of a partner or the maintenance of children, she finds fast and secure solutions. She is available by telephone and email, but an initial discussion in person is often a good idea.

Communal reorganisation: A new larger city emerges consisting of Hattingen, most parts of Blankenstein and five communities from the former “Hattingen-Land” (Bredenscheid-Stuter, Hamm, Niederelfringhausen, Oberstuter and Winz). The new municipal area covers an area of 71 sqkm with 60,490 inhabitants.

The renowned industrial museum “Industrial-Museum Henrichshutte” opens. The popular attraction shows the development of steel manufacturing in Hattingen over a period of 150 years. The pop singer Katy Perry visits the Henrichshutte and performs at the new bridge Ruhrbrucke. The escalator-manufacturer Kone stops production at its Hattingen plant, thus cutting 470 jobs. The junior-band “Nurso” from Hattingen takes part in the Bravo-Supershow and becomes number 1 in Germany. Pope Johannes Paul II beatifies the catholic resistance fighter from Niederwenigern, Nikolaus Gross at St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

The legal office of Rechtsanwalt Lars Martin is located at Dahlhauser Str. 10, Baak, Hattingen, 45529, Germany. The attorney advises individuals and businesses in the fields of labour relations, commercial contracts, civil law and family law. He is a co-author of the “Anwaltshandbuch Sozialversicherungsrecht” (lawyer’s manual on social security law), in which he wrote the chapter on “Contribution Law of accident insurance”. In addition, he has written several books and numerous articles. In the field of criminal law, he is a qualified expert in the field of occupational crime. He is also an accredited forensic expert for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBi). For further information, please contact the attorney directly or call 0-234/972-8810. A consultation is free of charge. Anwalt Hattingen

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