Introducing Runner Rugs

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The term runner rug is used to describe a particular type of rug that is long and narrow in its construction. They are particularly useful for providing a floor covering in particular rooms of your house. Probably the most frequent use of runner rugs is on hallway floors, but they are also commonly used when it comes to putting floor coverings on stair ways.

The runner rug is quite versatile. You can place it directly onto a hard wooden or tiled floor and it will create a softer feel to the room. Or, you can lay it on top of wall to wall carpeting and use it in a similar way to accent rugs, to create a certain color or pattern effect. Indeed there is no reason why runner rugs shouldn’t be used as accent rugs at all. They work very well in whatever guise they are used.

If you do place you runner rug directly onto a hard wooden or tiled surface then as a safety precaution you should always place some form of anti-slipping device underneath the rug in order to provide a little bit more safety.

Runner rugs are in fact a very popular form of floor covering. So whether you use your runner rugs to soften hard floors, to create a splash of color or as accent rugs the options and varieties of rug to choose from will be almost limitless. Prices can vary depending upon the quality of the materials used in the rug, but such is the demand for these rugs that you will find them in almost all departments stores you visit. Enjoy your quest to find your perfect rug. runner rugs

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