InSinkErator Vs Waste King

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When it comes to household garbage disposals in Maryland, many homeowners prefer InSinkErator. This brand is well-known for their innovative technologies like patent Vortex and permanent magnet motors, which provide quieter operation than other disposers. The company offers two lines of disposals – the Badger and Evolution series. The Badger line is the classic range, which has been around for a while. The Evolution series is a reinvented version of the original disposal that provides new and improved features.

InSinkErator disposers use centrifugal force to push food waste against a ring that cuts it into bits before it is liquefied and sent on its way through the sewage waste network. This reduces the amount of waste in landfill and helps to keep homes cleaner. The disposers can be retrofitted into any kitchen. They are installed underneath the sink and connected to the sewage pipe network by a licenced plumber. The disposers can also be used as an alternative to a compost bin.

While both brands offer disposals for home use, the top of the line units from each company are designed for commercial and industrial use. These units have between 2 to 5 times the power of a typical home disposer and are built to handle heavy duty waste. If these disposals are not operated properly or with the proper care and maintenance, they may experience problems like leaks or clogging.

Both brands offer disposals at a variety of price levels, ensuring that every homeowner can find a model that is right for them. However, in general, InSinkErator disposals have a higher build quality and more durable components than Waste King disposals. This unavoidably leads to a higher price tag for InSinkErator disposers.

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