How to Spot Michael Kors Handbag Sales

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Michael Kors is a brand known for its timeless elegance and classic designs, and the company’s purses are coveted by women around the world. But some of the brand’s products are now being sold at discounted prices, which could threaten its long-term success.

The name and logo of the designer are often easily confused with counterfeit versions, but there are a few ways to tell if you’re getting an authentic Michael Kors bag or not. For starters, be sure to look for the logo on the bottom of your handbag, which should be engraved into the leather and surrounded by a circle that shows the letters M and K in the center.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the lining on your authentic purse. Many knock-offs use a synthetic lining that rusts quickly and feels stiff, while authentic ones are made from suede or Saffiano leather that won’t crease. The lining will usually have a printed pattern, but the fake version may use a plain or simple lettering that’s harder to see and read.

If you have the opportunity, visit an official Michael Kors store or website to get a closer look at your handbag. You’ll be able to see the details that you might have missed online, like the lobster clasp, which attaches keys to your Michael Kors bag. You’ll also be able to get a feel for the structure of your handbag when you open and close the zipper.

Lastly, check for the logo hardware on the shoulder straps of your bag. Authentic Michael Kors bags typically feature sturdy metal hardware that’s designed to feel heavy and substantial. The same goes for the zippers that attach the bag to the handle.

It’s also important to check the straps for holes or stains. Genuine Michael Kors handbags don’t have any visible stains, so if you find a bag that has multiple holes or a smudgy look on the straps, it’s probably not an original.

Another thing to watch out for is the piping that’s stitched into the edges of the leather. A legitimate Michael Kors bag should be stitched tightly to keep the edges together. Fake bags are likely to be less tightly stitched, which can make them more prone to tearing and ripping over time.

The logo on your Michael Kors bag should be engraved into the leather, not screened or embroidered, and the letters should be evenly spaced and sharply cut with the right amount of contrast. Inauthentic copies will have a lighter shade of leather and have a more pronounced logo acronym that faces in different directions, while an original version should be perfectly centered and engraved into the leather.

In addition to the logo, many genuine Michael Kors bags have a ring on top that fastens with a lobster clasp. The lobster clasp should be a sturdy plastic that feels heavy and substantial, while the fake version will feel flimsy and won’t fasten to the bag properly. michael kors bags on sale

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