How to Send Roses on Tinder

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Roses are one of the most classic flower arrangements available and often send a powerful message of love, affection or respect. They are also not just for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries but can be sent on an unexpected basis for no reason at all. There are many colors of roses to choose from like traditional red, pink, and even lavender or orange. A mixed bouquet with roses and lilies is also a lovely choice for those who are looking to add a bit of a twist to their gifting.

Recently the dating app hinge has added a new feature called Send Roses that allows users to express a special level of interest in another user by sending them a rose. It works similar to a Super Like on Tinder but with the added benefit of letting your profile appear first in their Discover feed.

To use the feature simply browse through profiles until you find someone who catches your attention, then tap on their profile. You will be prompted to select a rose icon and then a text box where you can include a message; we recommend adding a personalized note for a greater impact. You will only get one free rose per week and it resets on Sunday, so be sure to use them wisely.

Remember that a rose is just a starting point, a signal of interest, and doesn’t guarantee a match or relationship. The rest is up to you – you still need to start conversations, be active in your prompts, and show genuine interest.

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