How to Select a Silver Menorah

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The menorah is the flagship symbol of Judaism and, with the Star of David, one of the two emblems that represent our religion. It is a symbol of our ancestors’ miracle and their determination to survive and thrive in the face of overwhelming adversity. It is the reason that, to this day, we continue to celebrate Hanukkah and to commemorate its miracles.

The most important aspect to remember when selecting a silver menorah is that it must be crafted with the finest materials and with special care and attention to detail. A well-made menorah should be able to withstand the test of time, and it should stand out as a beautiful addition to any home or synagogue.

There are many different types of silver menorahs. The shape and structure of the menorah depend on its intended use, as well as personal preference. For example, a small Menorah is often used for people who travel during Hanukkah, or for Yeshiva students and young children who light their own Menorahs. While a large, pedestal-shaped Menorah is often chosen for its beauty and style.

The magnificent late 19th-century silver menorah in Gallery 556, on loan from the Moldovan Family Collection, embodies the best of these ideals. It is a remarkable work of art, cast, chased, and engraved with elaborate motifs. This refined work of art encapsulates all that Hanukkah symbolizes, from the symbolic reenactment of a single day’s worth of sacred oil lasting eight days, to the triumphant Jewish survival that it represents in sobering, profound ways.

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