How to Find a Sex Addiction Therapist

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If you have a problem with compulsive sexual thoughts or behaviors, a sex addiction therapist can help. A sex addiction therapist will work with you to understand your behavior, identify triggers, and develop healthier coping mechanisms. They will also teach you how to develop healthy relationships that are free of sexual compulsions.

The first step to finding a sex addiction therapist is to look for one who is Certified as a Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT). CSATs have specialized training in treating sexually addictive behaviors. Generally, they have a master’s degree in psychology and undergo four, week-long intensive sessions on the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals to earn full certification.

A CSAT therapist can work with you in individual or group therapy, depending on your needs. They can treat both men and women and are skilled at diagnosing underlying issues. They can help you explore and address your feelings of inadequacy or boredom that lead to the behavior, as well as examine how the sex addiction is affecting your relationship.

In addition to individual and group therapy, a CSAT therapist can also offer online counseling. Online counseling offers a more private, less stigmatized option than in-person meetings. It allows you to meet with your therapist via phone, video, or live chat sessions. You can even choose to stay anonymous when chatting through these services.

If you’re looking for a sex addiction therapist, consider the benefits of online counseling. It offers more privacy, is more affordable than in-person therapy, and gives you access to a wider network of counselors.

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