How to Do Your Own Refrigerator Repair

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Many refrigerator issues can be fixed with simple steps, saving you from a service call and the cost of replacing food. Some, like puddles, can be cured by regularly checking the fridge’s drainage hole at the back and removing blockages. Other problems, like ice build-up or frozen door gaskets, may be prevented with regular maintenance. Even a few of the most common refrigerator problems, such as a noisy compressor or an improperly cooling freezer, can often be solved by resetting the thermostat and cleaning the condenser fan blades.

The basic cooling/defrosting system in most modern refrigerators consists of switches, a fan, a compressor, and a heater (for defrosting). Most of these parts are easy for a do-it-yourselfer to test and replace. The exception is the compressor, which requires specialized tools and knowledge.

It’s important to check the power supply to your fridge. A power outage can damage or tamper with the controls, and the refrigerator might not cool properly. In addition, a bad plug or a faulty socket might cause a breaker to trip. refrigerator repair

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