How to be Happy the NLP Way?

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Does it puzzle you when I say Be Happy the NLP way? Because always happiness is attributed to outcomes. If you achieve something you get happiness is the immediate reply. Not true. Because happiness is just a State of Mind, and you never get Happiness because of an outcome.

There is a huge amount of difference between, Joy and Happiness. At the outset both may look similar but they aren’t. Joy is an outcome of Pleasure. Mankind handles emotions differently. Always we tend to move towards pleasure and move away from pain. During the process of moving towards pleasure we have certain emotions which happen because of specific outcomes. These seem to be happiness while it is joy. Joy is very momentary in nature and it does not last for long unless recalled. A good meal for example can only give you Joy and not Happiness. All external events give Joy. Many people allow external events or actions such as smoking, drinking etc. to control their emotions. They claim to give them happiness while all it gives is Joy as this pleasure is not sustainable.

So how to Be Happy the NLP Way. Simple, because Happiness is just a state of mind. State of Mind is controlled by the thoughts we run in our mind. So just do this simple exercise. Recall a time in the past when you were happy. Run this picture clearly in your mind and hear whatever you told to yourself. Check the facial expression you had during that time and have them now as thought the event is happening right now. Make the pictures clear and bright, intensify the feeling of Happiness inside you growing more and more. As you see the difference in your intensity of happiness, see the vibrant colour inside you engulfing more energy and Happiness inside you. As you feel happy now you can continue holding on to this feeling however long you want. happiness quotes

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