How to Be a YouTube Sensation

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As easy as it is today to become a YouTube sensation, it actually takes a while for your fame to be continual. You see many people today submit videos on video sharing sites such as YouTube or on video and etc, And once every hour some one’s video is being shared and going viral, while others just float in cyber space.

But if you seriously want to become a YouTube celebrity then here’s a few tips on how you accomplish this feat

The first thing you want to do is make an insignia of your brand, An insignia is a logo that represents you or if your branding your website then make an insignia of that. This is what people are going to remember when they are watching any video of you. You want to do this because many people are different, sometimes when someone likes a particular video you’ve made they’ll remember you for that.

Another reason why you would want to have an insignia, has to do with the remembrance factor of it. If your insignia for instance is a flaming hook, then when someone is looking around on the web or even out side when there out and about and they see something that reminds them of your insignia, which is a flaming hook, they’ll be inspired to visit your channel and watch some of your videos.

The second thing you must have when your trying to make a name for your self on YouTube is loyal subscribers, and one way you can have this is by two things: Consistency and split testing. Split testing is when you compare the performance of your videos, to check and see which video is increasing in views. This will ultimately test capability of how well your doing on YouTube and how many people are subscribing to your channel.

Another thing you must be is consistent. When your consistent your leaving your doors open so that fame can come to you. Make a note about your videos, If you have to make a goal, then that’s what you’re going to have to do. If you’re going to make 10 videos every 2 day’s or 5 videos every day or etc. you should always be consistent on how you submit your videos on YouTube. get youtube watch hours

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