How Does Pt Online Work?

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Pt Online is a software that’s used by fitness influencers to run online personal training services for clients. It is designed to help PT’s create, share and manage their client programs and provides all the tools they need for their online training business. It is a feature rich platform with everything you could possibly want from an online pt software. This includes PARQ, exercise prescription, stretch types and myofascial release. It can be fully integrated into your website and when a client buys one of your packages they will get access to their coaching, assessments, email support and whatever else you have created for them.

Just like a standard PT, an online PT will start the process with a consultation either via phone or Zoom. This will enable them to get a detailed understanding of the client, their current health and fitness status and goals. Once they have all this information they’ll put together a programme that the client can complete on their own time. They’ll also make sure they’re clear on how to carry out their programme and provide video guides where necessary so that the client can make sure their technique is spot on.

Some online PT’s will work very differently to others, but most will offer some form of accountability session with their clients. This can be as simple as having them film their workouts and then sharing them with their trainer. Other PT’s will ask their clients to complete a questionnaire, or have verbal check in calls with them to keep track of their progress.

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